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Events & Exhibits: 2001 Exhibits

2001 Exhibits

Transitions by Camilla S. Calnan
A collection of poems and photographs by Camilla S. Calnan, a UNC Asheville senior. The exhibition is a culmination of her work toward her interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree of art photography, literature, and photo journalism. Her website can be found here. On display December 2001.

Not What You Imagine by Davy Arch, Luzene Hill and Jenean Hornbuckle
Three Native American artists: carver Davy Arch and painters Luzene Hill and Jenean Hornbuckle, artists connected by culture, help you experience a connection to Native American culture through their works. Luzene Hill's website can be found here, more information about Davy Arch can be found here, and more information about Jenean Hornbuckle can be found here. On display November 2001.

Abstraction and Pop Recourse by Celeste Howie
Nine oil paintings by UNCA senior Celeste Howie. The show is a culmination of her work toward her bachelor of arts degree at UNCA. On display October 2001.

Etchings by Porge Buck
"My etchings reflect a print tradition of curious subject matter, at once commonplace, self-justifying, and accountable to no one." More information about Porge Buck can be found here. On display September to October 2001.

Broke Danced: Drawings and Paintings by Rae LeGrone
"My drawings and paintings are... a way in which I explore my humanity, but also a way in which the audience can share in other’s lives and enjoy the collective experience of a body." More information about Rae LeGrone's art can be found here. On display August 2001.

Oguz Erdur
Choosing to Remember: From the Shoah to the Mountains
This project uses the model of Facing History and Ourselves, focusing on eyewitness testimony, primary source documents and individual student research along with visual images to learn about history. The traveling exhibition features photographs, documents, and recorded testimonies about World War II and the Holocaust from 22 Buncombe county families. On display June-July 2001.

Home Sweet Home: Sculpture by Joe Lanier
This installation, constructed to fit the space of the Ramsey Library Blowers Gallery, is based on the configurations of Joe Lanier's childhood home. He invites you to use your understanding of the meaning of "home" to interact with his presentation of "Home Sweet Home." On display May 2001.

Visual Feast: Nature Photography by George Ramig
Through his images, talks, and courses photographer George Ramig stresses the transcendent beauty, and fragility, of this world. His intensely colorful, prize-winning images have appeared in numerous exhibitions. On display April 2001.

Oguz Erdur

Ceramics and Sculpture with "Hands On"
Recent work by students, faculty and alumni of the UNCA Art Department is shown along with black and white photographs by Martha Seitz Marshall, who is both a student and a UNCA faculty member. Marshall's photographs show student artists "caught in moments of creation, deep in thoughts of what is yet to be." On display March 2001.

Art Treasures from African Runners
Selections from the African Art collection of John Rohner showcase rare and unusual pieces, representing the work of African tribes from as far west as the Bissagos Islands and as far east as Tanzania and Madagascar. On display February 2001.

beet: an exploration in impermanence by Jonathan Grainger and Jennifer Knox
Jonathan Grainger and Jennifer Knox present an evocative tribute to "the most intense of vegetables." On display January 2001.

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