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Events & Exhibits: 2007 Exhibits

2007 Exhibits

Selected Works by TJ Reddy
20 pieces of mixed media acrylic paintings and silkscreen prints by African American artist T.J. Reddy in honor of Black History Month. Noted for his use of natural mixed media materials including paper, sand, wood, fabric, and feathers, Reddy's paintings are influenced by his study of the African Diaspora and travels to the Caribbean. On display January-February 2007.

Women of the World, Our Global Sisters by Mickey Buckwalter
25 photos of women from around the world by Black Mountain photographer Mickey Buckwalter. Buckwalter took her first international trip in 1983 and hasn't stopped traveling since. Within a year of that first trip to Nepal, she quit her job, sold her house, and left for Asia with a one-way ticket and a camera. Over the past 24 years, Buckwalter has traveled to more than 40 countries and all 50 states photographing women. On display March 2007.

The Natural World by f/32
33 photographs by the Western North Carolina photography group f/32. Photographic techniques featured range from traditional film and darkroom work to advanced digital technologies, reflecting the diversity of f/32's membership. The show highlights an array of subjects, from natural landscapes to man-made imagery in a variety of styles. On display April 2007.

Under the Veil by Kristina Aberle
O10 triptychs by UNC Asheville senior Kristina Aberle. The show focuses on Aberle's appreciation for the art of belly dancing, which she acquired while growing up in Saudi Arabia. On display May 2007.

Lost Landscapes of Pennsylvania and North Carolina by Frances Panovec Berger
Frances Panovec Berger was born and raised on an apple farm outside of Easton, Pennsylvania in 1919. A self-taught artist, she is the youngest of 11 children. Frances worked at Benny & Smith, which is now owned by Crayola, in the crayon factory. In 1972, she and her husband, "Guffy," bought a farm in the Sandy Mush Community of North Carolina where they planned to retire. As a folk artist, she surrounded herself with art, painting floral patterns on her household furniture, braiding rugs, and making decorative tapestries from yarn and fabric. She paints in oil, acrylic, and water colors, but finds acrylic to be her favorite medium. Her paintings are of her family home and the surrounding community in Pennsylvania and her current farm in Sandy Mush. The Panovec homestead was sold to developers and turned into an expansive housing development. These scenes from America are rapidly disappearing as development encroaches on our farmlands. On display June-July 2007.

Urban Youth: Our Lives, Our Stories by Asheville Middle School Students
O16 photographs taken by eight Asheville Middle School students. UNC Asheville senior Philip Kleisler, site director for YMCA Community Outreach, helped these budding local artists learn to see Asheville with new eyes. During the summer months, students in this program spend the day with program leaders, hiking in the woods, working on team building skills, and discovering their artistic talents. In June, eight Asheville Middle School students in the program were given cameras to take home for two weeks. After a few photography lessons from professional photographer Jason Briscoe, the students were charged with snapping shots of the people, places, and things that meant the most to them. On display July 2007.

UNC Asheville Staff and Faculty Art Sampler
29 works of art ranging from photography to stained glass. Participating faculty and staff members are Cheryl Alderman, Ann Cadle, Lynne Caldwell, Robin Daugherty, Tony DeLaurentis, Amy Lanou, Richard Laws, Charles McKnight, Doug Miller, Bonnie Parker, Norm Richards, Debra Robbins, Suzzy Sams, Vicki Shraven, Leigh Svenson, Sally Wasileski, and Helen Wykle. Works in photography, painting, stained glass, fabric, woodwork, basketry, cake decorating, cross-stitch, and cartooning are included. On display August 2007.

Traveling Down, Settling Through by Ursula Gullow
16 oil paintings by Asheville artist Ursula Gullow. Gullow developed her painting through independent study and workshops. Her oil paintings depict subjects such as animals, people, cities, landscapes, and mild social fiascos with nostalgic undertones. On display September 2007.

Exploring the Mine by Eliza Hafer
The color-saturated images of dreamscapes are fertile ground for Asheville artist Eliza Hafer. Drawing upon the ethereal qualities of these sleeping journeys, Hafer created this exhibition featuring acrylic paintings and masks of people and animals. On display October 2007.

Drink Me by Amanda Meyers
100 ceramic pieces by UNC Asheville senior Amanda Meyers. The exhibition reflects the relationships Meyers observes between individuals as well as the relationship between the artist and her world. On display November 2007.

Omniscient by Regina Lee Shackelford
Larger-than-life paintings of hands by UNC Asheville senior Regina Lee Shackelford. Shackelford's work has been described as expressive, metaphysical, mystical, and psychedelic. On display December 2007.

2007 Exhibits

Omniscient by Regina Lee Shackelford
An exhibition of paintings by UNC Asheville B.A. candidate Regina Lee Shackelford will be on display November 26 through December 14 in the Blowers Gallery.
A reception is to be held Tuesday, November 27, from 6-8pm in the lobby.
Press release.
Women's Work by Carolyn Fryberger
Photographs on display in Ramsey Library's third floor gallery from October 2 through 31.
A reception will be held Thursday, October 4, from 4-6pm in the lobby, featuring an "artist talk" beginning at 4:30 upstairs in the third floor gallery.  Exhibit is graciously sponsored by UNCA Multicultural Student Programs.
Press release.
Drink Me by Amanda Meyers
Ceramic pieces by UNC Asheville B.F.A. candidate Meyers will be on view November 2 through 21.
An opening reception will be held Sunday, Nov. 4, from 2-4 pm in the lobby.
Press release.
Mythic Journeys by Eliza Hafer
An exhibition of acrylic paintings and masks on display October 1 through 30.
A reception will be held in the lobby Tuesday, October 16, from 5-7pm.
Press release.
Traveling Down, Settling Through by Ursula Gullow
An exhibition of 16 oil paintings on view through September 28.
Press release.

UNC Asheville Staff and Faculty Art Sampler
Featuring works of art produced by UNCA Staff & Faculty. Show pieces include photography, painting, cake decoration, fiber arts and stained glass, and will be on view August 10 through 31.
A reception will be held from in the gallery from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Urban Youth: Our Lives, Our Story
Photography by Asheville Middle School students involved with the YMCA on view through July 31.
A reception will be held from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, July 26, in the gallery.

Lost Landscapes of Pennsylvania and North Carolina by Frances Panovec Berger
Paintings of America's rapidly disappearing farm landscape.
UNDER THE VEIL by Kristina Aberle
An exhibit of 10 triptychs by UNCA B.A. candidate.  May 1st – 31st.
OPENING RECEPTION – May 2nd 4:00-6:00, The Munirah Dancers, UNCA’s belly dance troupe will perform in front of Ramsey Library at 5:30
Michael D. Stuart: Carvings
Carvings on display April 2 - 27, 2007 in Blowers Gallery.
Press release.
f/32 Photography 
Photography by members of the f/32 group on display in the Blowers Gallery 
April 1 - 28, 2007.
Dim Sum: A Sampling of Asian Life by Katherine Rozycki
Photographs on display in Ramsey Library's third floor gallery from March 19 to April 18, with a gallery reception on March 21 at 2:00.
Press Release.
Women of the World, Our Global Sisters by Mickey Buckwalter
Photographs on exhibit March 2-30.  Gallery talk March 21, 1pm.
Press Release.
T.J. Reddy, Selected Works: Original Paintings and Prints
21 mixed media acrylics and silkscreens on exhibit in Ramsey Library's Blowers Gallery from 25 January to 27 February.
Lecture and reception Tuesday, February 27 from 12:30 to 2:00 in Blowers Gallery.

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