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Events & Exhibits: 2022 Exhibits

Threadbangers: The Ephemera of Virality

Threadbangers Exhibit

Threadbangers: The Ephemera of Virality

On Exhibit: November 15th, 2022-January 15th, 2023

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Artists' Talk: TBD

More Information Here

Come see the threads behind the YouTube phenomenon the Threadbangers, including a selection of their crafty DIY concoctions, gold and silver YouTube plaques from across their channels, fanart, letters, and gifts from adoring fans, and event memorabilia. Learn more and see some recommended videos from our dedicated page for the exhibit here:

Diapason by Jonathan Fisher

Diapason Exhibit


Exhibit Curator: Jonathan Fisher

On Exhibit: September 19 - October 31st, 2022

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Works from the Studio Foundations faculty at Kennesaw State University's School of Art & Design near Atlanta, GA. Diapason is a diverse exhibition of studio practice representing two and three-dimensional works, video art, and graphic design. As diapason is a burst of sound, this cross-section of artists represents the vibrant and divergent disciplines of our community at KSU. 

Bio Brutalism by Nick Raynolds

Ascension by Nick Raynolds

Bio Brutalism

Artist: Nick Raynolds

On Exhibit: August 5 - September 16, 2022

Artist's Talk: September 13 at 4pm in Blowers Gallery

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Bio Brutalism is the latest collection of drawings and paintings by local Asheville artist Nick Raynolds. The works will be on display at the Blowers Gallery in the D. Hiden Ramsey Library at UNCA from August 5 - September 16, 2022. Working primarily in graphite on paper and oil on canvas, the show will feature a number of mid-sized drawings and a selection of paintings.
In his continuing series of absurdist metaphysical fantasies, these recent imaginative landscapes explore abstract constructions suggesting an integration of architecture, machines and biological forms. Raynolds seeks to navigate the tension between a literalism and a metaphoric abstraction, while raising questions about Art & architecture, science fiction, psychological states and esoteric cosmologies.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Raynolds studied art in Vancouver, Halifax, NS and in Düsseldorf, Germany. He studied classical drawing and painting in New York City where he lived for 10 years before moving to Asheville. He has exhibited his work nationally and abroad and currently teaches drawing at UNCA and Warren Wilson College. His work began to shift from a strictly observational to a more inventive and introspective practice about 6 or 7 years ago. You can see more of the artist’s work on Instagram @raynonmars and @n.raynolds

International Photo Exhibit

International Photo ExhibitInternational Photo Exhibit

Summer 2022

Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Featuring thought-provoking photos taken by students, faculty and staff while traveling abroad, this curated show is our Summer 2022 exhibition in Blowers Gallery.

Wood, Salt, Soda: The Inaugural Firing by Megan Wolfe and John Cummings

Picture from Wood, Salt, Soda Exhibit

'Wood, Salt, Soda: The Inaugural Firing"

Artists: Megan Wolfe and John Cummings

On Exhibit: April 1 - April 26, 2022

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

This exhibit highlights the work from the inaugural firing of the new kilns (Anagama, Wood Salt, and Gas Soda Kiln) at Owen Hall. The exhibition was curated by Ceramic Professors Megan Wolfe and John Cummings. It includes pieces made by both students and faculty, and also showcases work made by Master Kiln builders Donovan Palmquest and Juda Birkeland, and guest artists Will Waggle and Dian Maige. Students exhibiting art in this exhibit: Liam Greer, Cat Owens, Aaron Sumner, Abby Meyer, Sam Joyner, Linda Custer, Owen Baloga, Brook Toffel, Kira Silva, Emerson Garling, Amy Williams, Hannah Sawyer, Oli Dimond, Jessie Trampas, Jane Tyler, Jacquelyn Sublett, Jazmin Blanco, Wallis Flanagan, Samantha Lee, Angel Xelhua, Savannah Stewart, Stella Nettles, Vivian Kaye, Michaela Francis, Cole Anson, and Sydney Morrison.

Private Domain: Redux by Virginia Derryberry

Janus by Virginia Derryberry

Private Domain: Redux

Artist: Virginia Derryberry

On Exhibit: March 4, 2022 - March 31, 2022

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Artist's statement: Large scale figure narrative paintings in the Private Domain series blend elements from mythology and alchemy, the forerunner of modern science. The intent is to suggest multiple interpretations rather than a straightforward illustration of a specific narrative, a fitting choice in that alchemy by its very nature is about the process of transformation. At first glance, it seems that a real space is being defined, but in fact, the images are constructed from multiple viewpoints and lighting systems. Passages of volumetric rendering set next to more abstract, painterly areas, result in the creation of a virtual, shifting world where nothing is quite what it seems. 

Over the past few years, these paintings have become more complex and have begun to incorporate multiple canvases as well as fabric, embroidery and found objects as a way to expand the idea of traditional narrative. Suggesting Renaissance altarpiece panels, these images imply a conversation between factual and illusionistic and pull the viewer in to ask questions about what is being revealed and what is being concealed.

TEMPUS: A Span of Duality by Shawn Winebrenner

(Two) In the Spirit Sense by Artist Shawn Winebrenner

TEMPUS: A Span of Duality

Artist: Shawn Winebrenner

On Exhibit: February 1st - March 3rd, 2022.

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

Artist's Statement: This body of work is an autobiographical revisiting of time - visual representations of the constant evolution and reflection of my life journey and how the process of aging has played a significant part. Who and what I continue to become as an individual creates a deep need to better comprehend the symbiotic but curious relationship between the soul and the physical body.

January 2022: Harry Malesovas and Samuel Joyner Ceramics Exhibit

Collective Works of Harry Malesovas and Samuel Joyner Exhibit

Collective Works of Harry Malesovas and Samuel Joyner

On Exhibit: January 4th - 31st, 2022

Location: Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library

This exhibition features both functional and sculptural ceramic work. The artists aim to highlight the versatility of clay as an artistic medium by contrasting the ornate/functional pieces of Samuel Joyner’s with the monstrous clay sculptures created by Harry Malesovas.