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Events & Exhibits: 2009 Exhibits

2009 Exhibits

The Reliquary by Raquel Miotto
Large format charcoal and pastels by UNC Asheville student Raquel Miotto. The show is a culmination of Miotto's work toward a bachelor of arts degree at UNCA. On display December 2009.

MANIPULATED by Monika Teal
Gum arabic and monotype prints by local artist Monika Teal. The prints reflect themes of innocence in the animal world. Her website can be found here. On display November 2009.

Gathering Places -- Cherokee Basket Weaving and the Environment
An exhibit tying together the work of contemporary basket weavers in Cherokee and the environmental issues effecting the abundance of natural basketry materials in the region. The exhibit is sponsored by the Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources (RTCAR), which seeks to preserve, protect, and teach the heritage of Cherokee traditional resources, land care, and culture. Their website can be found here. On display October 2009.

Works by Deyanira Chavez
Mixed media works by Blue Ridge Community College student and local artist Deyanira Chavez. Originally from Mexico, Chavez now lives in Western North Carolina with her family. She arrived in the United States at age 12, learned English, graduated near the top of her high school class and entered architecture school at UNC Charlotte. Because of her immigration status, she was forced to pay out-of-school tuition, which launched her interest in higher education advocacy. On display September 2009.

Inmate Art
Mixed media by students in Heather Lewis' basic drawing class at Avery Mitchell Correctional Facility in Spruce Pine, NC. On display August 2009.

Dissonance by Jessica Laney
Acrylic paintings by UNC Asheville student Jessica Laney. The show uses animal and human interaction to contrast the concepts of rational and irrational. Her website can be found here. On display May 2009.

Symbolic Boundaries by Louise Davis
18 acrylic paintings by UNC Asheville student Louise Davis. The exhibition, which features grid acrylic paintings, represents the dynamic and messy nature of boundary work that is done on a normal basis, either internally or externally. On display April 2009.

Hanging by a Thread by Claire Simpson Jones
Mixed media by local artist Claire Simpson Jones. The exhibition, which feature watercolor and mixed media paintings, focuses on the flora and fauna currently endangered by diminishing habitats in the Blue Ridge Mountains. On display April 2009.

The Power of Peers: Life After School, Through the Eyes of Asheville's Urban Youth
Student-shot photography by Asheville's urban youth. Students enrolled in the YMCA of Western North Carolina's afterschool programs have been learning photography skills and have practiced them on their peers. The exhibition is a collection of images depicting the students' view of their peers and what influences them once the afternoon school bells ring. On display February 2009.

Contemporary Basketry by Jill Lennox
Mixed media baskets by UNC Asheville Financial Aid counselor Jill Lennox. The baskets incorporate natural and hand-dyed basket reeds, palm inflorescence, yarn, cords, ribbons, wire, and beads. Lennox's baskets demonstrate the variety of materials and techniques that can be used in this art form. They merge the traditional craft of basket weaving and contemporary art through materials, color, and texture. On display March 2009.

The People Could Fly by Costanza Knight
Watercolors by UNC Asheville alumna Costanza Knight. The exhibition was inspired by a traditional African-American folk tale of the same name. The watercolor paintings depict slaves who escape their bonds by calling upon their native African magic and literally flying away from the plantation. Knight's website can be found here. On display February 2009.

Environmental Impressions by Monica Miller
An exhibition of linoleum prints by Monica Miller, a BA of Art student at UNC Asheville. The exhibition was inspired by Miller's travels to Singapore, China, and New Zealand. The images, which employ environmentally friendly inks and paper, capture each culture's plants and animals. On display January 2009.

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