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Events & Exhibits: 1998 Exhibits

1998 Exhibits

Life Force at the Anvil. Summer 1998
Tom Joyce organized this exhibit of 115 pieces of forged metal work from areas south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. When you visit Ramsey Library to see these pieces, you will see why Life Force at the Anvil is the perfect name for it.
Monks. March 1998
Jhierry Lewis has created a meditative environment with eleven monks in various stages of enlightenment. Look closely at the seated figures and you will see that some have been in the lotus position so long that they have grown roots.
UNCA Art Alumni Exhibit. February 1998
A wonderful exhibit of paintings, sculpture, and other media by UNCA graduates.
Hiroshige: "Fifty-Three Stages on the Tokaido Highway." January 1998
19th century woodblock prints by Hiroshige, last of the great ukiyo-e masters. The Tokaido Highway stretches from Edo to Kyoto, Japan.
Postmodern Hyperspace. January 1998
Sarah Harnden's thought-provoking photographic exploration of the changing social landscape in which we live.

Call for Exhibitors

We welcome art and informational exhibits that support our educational and community goals.

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