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Events & Exhibits: 2012 Exhibits

2012 Exhibits

Caprice by Vasily Polevoy
Polevoy's paintings can be seen throughout the former USSR and more recently his underground paintings from the pre-"glasnost" era have been shown in art galleries around the world. His style is fantastic and realistic, permeated with kind humor sometimes stretching into out to grotesque and caricature. The "clown behavior" of Vasily Polevoy remains the keeper of good traditions of folklore: fairy tales, epic poems, people's splint and primitivism. On display January and February 2012

Artistic Diversity in Fiber by the Fiber Arts Alliance
An exhibit featuring a wide variety of works by different artists in different types of fiber arts. Sculptural 3 dimensional items such as dolls were featured, as well as quilted, knitted, crocheted, felted, dyed, printed, embellished, etc. work hung from the walls. On display March 2012.

Silk Shibori: Large Pieces by Michael Smith
Asheville fiber artist Michael Smith showed large silk wall hangings created using his version of shibori dyeing techniques. The works are intricate mandala-like patterns with richly complex color combinations. On display April 2012.

Crumbs by Sarah Ray
An exhibit of sculptures, Crumbs used cupcakes as a metaphor for American consumerism. It was also a celebration of resourcefulness and sexuality. On display April-May 2012.

Footprints in the Sand by Patrick Berger
An exhibit of mixed media works that considers the relationship between humanity and the environment, with some pieces that resemble maps through their use of repeated patterns and shapes referencing geological formations. On display May 2012.

Woven Together by Marion Manufacturing
A historical exhibit that told the story of Marion Manufacturing, which employed more than 600 people in the 1920s and was integral to to most aspects of life in the mill village where many workers lived. Employees staged a strike in 1929 that made headlines all over the country when six union members were killed by sheriff's deputies at the mill gates. The exhibition shows the mill's growth and relationship with the community, the bitter strike, prosperous years after World War II, and the unsuccessful struggle against lower-priced imports that eventually led to decline and closing. On display June-July 2012.

DHorizons/Past and Present by Jon Michael Riley
EAn exhibit of some of the artists personal favorite photographs, both new and old. It included anything that spoke, or even whispered, to him. Ten years in Ireland and traveling the world in general made a huge impact on both his life and work. On display August-September 2012.

Remnants of Fleeting Moments


oil paintings

ON EXHIBIT: Nov. 27 - Dec. 14, Blowers Gallery, Ramsey Library

RECEPTION: Nov. 30th, 6-8pm Blowers Gallery

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Pregnancy Perspectives



Charcoal & graphite

ON EXHIBIT: Dec. 3 - Dec. 14, Third Floor Gallery, Ramsey Library

RECEPTION: Dec. 7, 6-8pm Lobby of Ramsey Library

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Student BA Exhibit: Horses in Motion

HORSES IN MOTION by Kathleen Kelley

Acrlyic on canvas

ON EXHIBIT: Nov 19-30, 2012, third floor Ramsey Library

RECEPTION: Nov 19th, 6-8pm Lobby of Ramsey Library

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Call for Exhibitors

We welcome art and informational exhibits that support our educational and community goals.

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