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Events & Exhibits: 2010 Exhibits

2010 Exhibits

Transformation Through Displacement by Emily O'Brien
A collection of oil, mixed media works, and drawings by UNCA senior Emily O'Brien. The exhibition is based on O'Brien's experiences studying abroad in France. Using visual imagery as a representation of spoken language, the works express how perceptions can be altered by experiences with the unfamiliar. On display December 2010.

Archaea by Robbie Lipe
10 mixed media works by Robbie Lipe. The show examines single-celled organism forms called archaea, which were among some of the earliest life forms on earth and still exist today. On display November 2010.

Dance of the Spirit by Pat Calderone
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Calderone, who studied art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, lives near Rabun Bald, the second highest mountain in Georgia. She says her work is inspired by the Cherokee people and animals that used to inhabit the land. Her website can be found here. On display October 2010.

Paintings by Arrington Williams
Oil and acrylic abstract paintings by Arrington Williams, a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art who now has a studio in Asheville's River Arts District. The paintings are "ultimately about energy," says Williams. When asked about the meaning of his abstracts, Williams encourages viewers to "turn off the intellect and turn on the emotional receptors. And then, sometimes I say, 'If I could tell you what it means in words, I would have written a poem'." More information about Williams can be found here. On display August-September 2010.

Oguz Erdur

Not So 'Back of Beyond'
Photos, artwork and text related to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This exhibit is the creation of individuals who live in both the rural and urban landscapes of western North Carolina. On display September 2010.

Figures in Repose by Madelon Shawn Peck
Oil on canvas by UNC Asheville student Madelon Shawn Peck. This series of oil paintings renders the human form asleep, which denies the active consciousness of the subject; it also presents the subject outside of a normally perceived context. The focus of the series is the activation of the artist's own subjective experience through the elimination of the model's conscious personality. On display May 2010.

Vibrant Leaves by Kelley Chamberlain
Acrylic and oil on canvas by UNC Asheville student Kelley Chamberlain. On display May 2010.

Birds of Varying Degrees by Amber Harrelson-Williams
Ceramics by UNC Asheville student Amber Harrelson-Williams. It is an exhibition of porcelain pottery decorated with birds. With her work, Harrelson-Williams hopes to promote the appreciation of simplicity and natural beauty with everyday ceramic objects that are pleasant and enjoyable. On display May 2010.

Symbolic Boundaries Revisited by Louise Davis
Acrylic paintings by UNC Asheville student Louise Davis. On display April-May 2010.

Selected Drawings by Heather Lewis
Mixed media by Heather Lewis. her website can be found here. On display April 2010.

The Homecoming by Betsy Murray
Collage sculptures by Betsy Murray. Her three-dimensional art combines artifacts and her own photographs to tell a story. This exhibit explores Murray's experiences and ideas that have grown over the past two decades, including the loss of her Madison County cabin in a mudslide, examination of the Tarot, and a retelling of "Sleeping Beauty." On display March 2010.

Asheville's East End, Circa 1968 by Andrea Clark
Black and white photographs by Andrea Clark. Clark, who moved to Asheville's East End in the late 1960s, began documenting the neighborhood's changes as the city of Asheville launched an ambitious project of urban renewal. Hundreds of buildings on and around Valley and Southside streets were removed and residents were scattered across the city. Dozens of schools, black-owned businesses, and homes were lost. Clark's photo collection is among the only remaining visual documentation of these demolished neighborhoods. On display February 2010.

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