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Events & Exhibits: 1999 Exhibits

1999 Exhibits

Ceramics: Unique Teapots and Platters by Kyle B. Carpenter and Jhierry Lewis
Two students in the UNCA Art Department, Kyle B. Carpenter & Jhierry Lewis, create one-of-a-kind fanciful and decorative objects. More information about Kyle Carpenter can be found here. On display November 1999.

Ways of the People by Debbie Cross
As the final project for her Masters of Liberal Arts degree at UNCA, Debbie Cross studied the decorative arts of the Lakota Sioux and recreated objects that they would have made and used. To more fully understand the condition of the Lakota, she created each piece in this exhibit under conditions as close to the authentic as was possible. On display October 1999.

Metamorfosi by Nancy Herman
In her sculptural wall pieces Nancy Herman explores the themes of rot and decay. She found that they "are not only reminders of our mortality, but in some strange way forced me to notice the beauty of all stages of physicality." On display August-September 1999.

Gallery F/32 Associates
For approximately six years a gallery devoted exclusively to fine photography was located at 32 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. In regional photographic competitions, its members won awards regularly. The tradition of quality photography established at Gallery F/32 continues here. On display June-July 1999.

Expulsion by Dimitar Russafov
Dimitar Russafov's paintings, B.A. Exhibit for UNCA Department of Art. On display May 1999.

A Fabric of Friends
This exhibit is a rich and colorful display of quilts by newcomers to Madison County, North Carolina. The exhibit tells the story of how an old and traditional mountain activity became a major factor in giving a sense of community to the newcomers. On display April 1999.

Women's Nests and Vessels of the Spirit by Mary Jo Brezny, Margaret Ann Hogue, and Susan Lightcap 
Mary Jo Brezny and Margaret Ann Hogue collaborate to present a photographic exhibit of women and their personal spaces. Also on display is an exhibit of unique handmade books and sculptural structures called "vessels of the spirit" by their creator Susan Lightcap. Mary Jo Brezny's website can be found here. On display March 1999.

Teresa Prater and Suzanne Stryk
Two artists are featured. Charcoal drawings are from Teresa Prater's figurative series. The artist is an assistant professor of art at Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Also shown are selected collages from the Natural Domain Series by Suzanne Stryk, a professional artist from Bristol, Virginia. Teresa Prater's website can be found here and Suzanne Stryk's website can be found here. On display January 1999.

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